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BÜLACH - Neu - grössere Öffnung!
(Bülach - New - wider opening!)

Birkhäuser, Peter, 1938

A very rare and stunning object poster by the famous Basel poster designer Peter Birkhäuser for the former Bülach glass factory (today the company’s name is Vetropack). Swiss housewives used to preserve fruit in these glass jars to serve to their families during the hard winter months.

Birkhäuser had a strong passion for a graphic style of precision, for brilliant colors, a richness in texture, and used the difficult airbrush technique in lithograph printing. This poster is an example of how he succeeded in making an object or a product look real. Just concentrate on the contrasts in the picture: the soft curves of the pear, the streamlined metallic handle and cool smoothness of the green jar to maximum effect. The trompe-l’oeil technique is heightened by the remarkable reflection in the glass.

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