Poster No. 16

Wintersport in Graubünden - Schweiz - Rhätische Bahn
(Winter Sports in the Grisons - Switzerland - Rhaetian Railway)

Koch, Walther, 1907

This fine collectible poster by Walther Koch promotes winter sport in the Swiss canton of the Grisons. The artist here depicts a subject he is very familiar with. Throughout his career, Koch designed similar posters showing different winter sport scenes.

At the time, skiing make it possible to visit the mountains that were often dangerous and inaccessible to climb. Posters therefore often showed skiers stopping and admiring the magnificent scenery, as Walther Koch did in this masterpiece designed in 1907.

CHF 10000 / EUR 10000 / USD 10000 and up
(subject to change)

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More details on this poster

Poster No.: 16
Artist: Koch, Walther » Biography
Year: 1907
Company: Verkehrsverein Graubünden, CH
Printer: Gebr. Fretz AG, Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Size: 100 x 71 cm / 39.4 x 39.4"
Technology: Stone lithography in colours
Condition: A-/L
Good condition. Picture preserved completely. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges. Fair.
Category: Sports & Leisure Winter Sports
Style: Early 20th Century
Price: CHF 10000 / EUR 10000 / USD 10000 and up
(subject to change)

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