Poster No. 242

1951 - Das Jahr der Schweizer Berge
(1951 The Year of the Swiss Alps / Vacances en Suisse, à la conquête des Alpes)

Aeschbach, Hans, 1951

This is a famous 1950s photomontage poster by Hans Aeschbach to promote holidays in the Swiss Alps. The rope team of three mountain climbers symbolises the importance of employing a professional mountain guide in the sometimes dangerous Swiss Alps. Thanks to its excellent printing technique and the magnificent winter mountain landscape, this design by Hans Aeschbach is an important document of the 1950s.

CHF 500 / EUR 500 / USD 500 and up
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More details on this poster

Poster No.: 242
Artist: Aeschbach, Hans » Biography
Year: 1951
Company: Schweizerische Verkehrszentrale, SVZ -Schweizerische Zentrale für Verkehrsförderung, SZV - Swiss N
Printer: no indication
Country: Switzerland
Size: 102 x 64 cm / 40.2 x 40.2"
Technology: Photogravure Printing
Condition: A
Good condition. Picture preserved completely. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges.
Category: Sports & Leisure Winter Sports
Style: 1950s style
Keywords: 50s style Hans AESCHBACH mountain climber mountaineering Photo W. Luthy roped party snow goggles tightrope winter sports
Price: CHF 500 / EUR 500 / USD 500 and up
(subject to change)

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