Poster No. 2869

Switzerland - Par le chemin de fer aux sports d‘hiver
(Switzerland - The Electric Railways)

Jegerlehner, Hans, 1950

Hans Jegerlehner designed this poster for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in 1950 and it was printed in various languages.

During the post-war period, travel posters were an important part of SBB advertising. The English caption for this poster was “In Switzerland, the electric railways take you right into the heart of winter sport”, which is exactly the message conveyed by this cheerful design. A beautiful and rare poster lithograph.

CHF 2000 / EUR 2000 / USD 2000 and up
(subject to change)

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More details on this poster

Poster No.: 2869
Artist: Jegerlehner, Hans
Year: 1950
Brand: Grindelwald, BE, CH
Company: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB CFF FFS, Bern, CH
Printer: Kernen E.J., Bern
Country: Switzerland
Size: 128 x 90 cm / 50.4 x 50.4"
Technology: Stone lithography in colours
Condition: A
Good condition. Picture preserved completely. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges.
Category: Sports & Leisure Winter Sports
Style: 1950s style
Keywords: 50s style Bernese Oberland Hans JEGERLEHNER historical Skiing in Switzerland Swiss Federal Railways Winter in Switzerland
Price: CHF 2000 / EUR 2000 / USD 2000 and up
(subject to change)

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