Poster No. 3353

PONTRESINA - Engadin 1850m 6000 ft - Schweiz Suisse Switzerland
(Pontresina - Engadine - Switzerland)

Peikert, Martin, 1938

Martin Peikert created many amusing and lively posters and became one of the most popular designers of Swiss tourism advertising. His posters convey a sense of joie de vivre, health and cheerfulness and are very popular in Switzerland as well as abroad. His celebrated posters for the Bernese Oberland and the Engadin are among the most sought-after.

Pontresina is not only famous as a travel resort but also for the lovely decorated windows of its traditional houses. This is the first edition of this poster by Martin Peikert, printed in 1938 by stone lithography.

CHF 1000 / EUR 1000 / USD 1000 and up
(subject to change)

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More details on this poster

Poster No.: 3353
Artist: Peikert, Martin » Biography
Year: 1938
Company: Verkehrsverein Pontresina, CH
Printer: Gebr. Fretz AG, Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Size: 102 x 64 cm / 40.2 x 40.2"
Technology: Lithography in colours
Condition: A
Good condition. Picture preserved completely. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges.
Category: Tourism & Travel Canton of Grisons
Style: 1930s style
Keywords: 30s style Engadine Martin PEIKERT nostalgic Pontresina red flowers snow covered mountains
Price: CHF 1000 / EUR 1000 / USD 1000 and up
(subject to change)

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