Poster No. 3455

St. Moritz - Engadine / Suisse
((vintage poster ad))

Stiefel, Edouard, 1920

Smaller format of the lithografie by Edouard Stiefel showing an elegant pair of guests gazes out at the magical Upper Engadine lake landscape (lakes St. Moritz, Champère and Silvaplana).
Piz de la Margna thrones in the background. This mountain owes its nickname “guardian of the Upper Engadine” to its majestic appearance at the southwestern end of the valley.

CHF 1000 / EUR 1000 / USD 1000 and up
(subject to change)

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More details on this poster

Poster No.: 3455
Artist: Stiefel, Edouard » Biography
Year: 1920
Printer: Gebr. Fretz AG, Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Size: 35 x 25 cm / 13.8 x 13.8"
Technology: Print, colour lithography
Condition: A
Good condition. Picture preserved completely. Wrinkles and small tears, if any, restricted to edges.
Category: Tourism & Travel St. Moritz
Style: Art Deco
Keywords: 20s style Bernina mountains Eduard STIEFEL Engadine Nostalgic St. Moritz St. Moritz lake Summer
Price: CHF 1000 / EUR 1000 / USD 1000 and up
(subject to change)

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