Vintage Posters

Posters were printed for advertising purposes in print runs of a few hundred to several thousand and displayed on billboards and on advertising pillars. Afterwards, they were usually destroyed, but art collectors, graphics enthusiasts, museums and private collectors saved posters, especially lithographs. Surviving posters that retain a high standard in design, typography and printing technique have become a rarity. Collectors of posters from the highly valued Swiss graphic designers and from the high-quality Swiss printing industry scramble for the beautiful rarities. Rare poster lithographs attract the interest of private collectors, museums and businesses.

The Swiss poster is internationally esteemed – the legendary Swiss Graphic Design, the beautiful travel posters, the “Object Poster”, the graphics by the Design Schools in Zurich and Basel and the elaborate manufacture of lithographic posters have turned the poster into an objet d’art and a collector’s item.

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